Te Ahi Ka, The Fires of Occupation by Martin Toft / Pouma Pokai-Whenua
hard cover: linen + letterpress + HS, 165 x 205 mm, 200 pages, 89 pictures, editing and sequencing: Rafal Milach, paper: Fedrigoni Tatami Ivory 135 gsm, Munken Pure 100 gsm, Crush Kiwi, typeset in TT Norms, publisher: Dewi Lewis Publishing, 2018
There are two cover versions: a female version featuring an image of a fern used by Maori women as a means of purification, protection and prayer. And a male version featuring an image of flames; embers are traditionally wrapped in a Ponga tree leaf (silver fern) to carry the fire from one village to another as a symbol of occupation.
to buy book www.martintoft.com
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